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Ray-Ban Envision - The Celebration Of Lenses

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Ray-Ban's have been a staple of American culture for so long that it's hard to imagine that there was a time without them. Their cool frames and lenses have shaded the eyes of artists, musicians, and cool, creative people for over 75 years, always remaining relevant even as other trends come and go. A big part of their allure, however, comes from their lenses, which the brand gives their full attention to in this Celebration of Lenses where Ray-Ban has commissioned four artists to create a series of exclusive comic books touting their superior qualities. Together, Ben Hasler, Ellen Lindner, Eoin Coveney, and Robert Sergel came up with six witty tales that take you on a journey behind the strength of Ray-Ban lenses, including their ability to be highly resistant, anti-glare, long-lasting, impactful, and built to move. The comic book series also helps to showcase some of Ray-Ban's newest and hottest styles, including the mirrored Aviator, the Clubmaster, and the Lite Force Collection, among other. You can shop the entire collection, which is previewed after the jump, now at Ray Ban and download the full Comic Series at Box of Stories.