Supreme - Online Shopping for UK and Europe Beginning Fall 2013


It may just look like a small, unassuming line on the Supreme website, but its meaning is huge for fans across the UK and Europe. Beginning this Fall, customers from these locales can now shop a new online store that will send the full array of Supreme's wares directly to their doorstep, drastically increasing the now-limited number of choices they have coming from the flagship store in London and other limited carriers. This is the first time Supreme shoppers from the other side of the pond will have this level of access, which State-side shoppers have enjoyed since their founding in 1994. The announcement also came with a quick sneak-peek at the New York brand's Fall/Winter 2013 collection set to drop in lookbook form in the coming weeks leading off with a team Supreme hockey jersey. This development is a huge milestone for the streetwear brand; let's just hope their servers can handle the impending load.