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Introducing: GREATS Footwear by Ryan Babenzien & Jon Buscemi

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Even if you’re not heading back to campus this Fall, GREATS Footwear is worth some research. Founded by streetwear veterans Ryan Babenzien (former big-wig at K-Swiss & BOAST) and Gourmet Footwear‘s co-founder Jon Buscemi, the brand launch comes in the form of two styles, including the Royale and the Wilson, which draw influence from classic sneaker style but with plenty of contemporary swag. The Royal is deserving of its moniker, with a supreme deerskin/calfskin combo on the upper while the Wilson is a retro low-top with a cotton canvas build reminiscent of the Chuck Taylor. Both models will be available in multiple colorways and arrive with a price you can’t beat; starting at $59. The models will launch today from their own online shop, but can also find plenty of previews after the click.

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