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Mighty Healthy - Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

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No matter how much we grow, our roots will always shine through. For street wear brand Mighty Healthy it was time to revisit the apparel's original inspiration and fashion something iconic for the Fall 2013 collection. Skaters Pete Eldridge, Connor Champion, Chris Coulburn, and Alex Corporan, members of the Mighty Healthy skateboarding crew, were filmed rocking varsity jackets, 90s inspired graphic t-shirts, polka-dot button down tops, and slightly fitted gray hoodies while skating the streets of NYC.

The soul of the apparel demands a deeper respect than an acknowledgement of the past. Back in the day, when times were simpler, skating was a way of life. It was all about the technique, the skill, and the innovation. By reproducing those visual reminders, Mighty Healthy aims to evoke the passion that binds skaters together. For Eldridge, Champion, Coulburn, and Corporan, years may have passed since their days of hardcore partying and grinding, but neither one has skipped a beat in his style evolution. Cheers to that.