Autographer - World's First Intelligent, Wearable Camera


Have you ever been on a trip and forgotten to take a picture to capture a particular moment? Or maybe you were just so caught up in all the fun that there just wasn't any time to snap a shot.

We've all been there, we've all made the excuses, but now we can't. With genuine delight, we introduce [drum roll, please] the Autographer: The world's first intelligent, wearable camera. This little gizmo is cooler than cool-- it's ice cold. Created with five built-in sensors and GPS, you don't need to tell the Autographer anything because it inherently knows what to do. The accelerometer measures how quickly or slowly the Autographer is accelerating, the color sensor perceives light and brightness, the magnetometer determines the camera's direction, the PIR senses any changing conditions, and the thermometer measures the ambient temperature.

The idea is that you just wear it and go. No planning, no complications. Think of it as your personal photographer that you clip onto your shirt or hang around your neck. And it's discreet, too. This thin, black gadget weighs only 58 g with a width of 37.4mm, a length of 90mm, and a thickness of 22.93 mm. The lens gives a 136° field of view with glass hybrid wide angle precision optics for some clear and candid photos. The application that comes with the Autographer allows the wearer to see the shots via a smartphone, so scrolling through your day's events is easy as pie.

And while some claim that the images aren't as crisp as they would like, or that it's a bit annoying that you can't make the Autographer snap an image on cue, it's still a pretty novel idea that we can see ourselves incorporating into our daily lives, while at the beach, surrounded by bikinis, with the Autographer clipped snuggly onto a shirt pocket at mid-height...just saying.