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Brixton - Fall 2013 Collection | Video

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The Brixton Fall 2013 Lookbook video shows the man behind the clothes, in his prime, in his element. With nature and the city landscape being equal parts an influence on his athletic spirit, the man who wears Brixton does not portray an ounce of trepidation. He is fearless, artistic, and unconventional.

The modern brand Brixton has branded itself well in the near decade of its existence-- and this Fall 2013 collection is no exception. Collegiate and modern pieces have been fashioned from cotton textiles printed with stripes and flannel patterns, and more understated tops boast simple browns, blues, and beige colorways that are staples of the skater/surfer/musician's wardrobe.

The video itself encompasses the concept of the Brixton brand as a compilation of the moments in which we thrive, whether that be in perfecting a skateboard trick after smashing into the sidewalk or riding a monster wave after hours of intense practice. It is our life force that imbues the clothes with uniqueness, and by the looks of it, the makers of Brixton dare you to tell them otherwise.