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Stussy - Guest Artist Series: Kevin Lyons

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Stussy - Guest Artist Series: Kevin Lyons - 0

Cartoonist Kevin Lyons, aka the artist who collaborated with Ideas City and New Museum in New York City to create a gigantic mural on glass walls, aka the artist who collaborated with Case Studyo to create the playful, bronze sculptures entitled "True Meets Lulu Uptown" of his classic characters, is now also known as the artist that has collaborated with Stüssy to produce a collection of shirts that display the artist's fun, bubbly, and lovable drawings to a...well, T.

In addition to Lyon's familiar cartoons, Lyon has also drawn faces on junk food for comedic affect. A double patty cheeseburger shouts "Old skool flavor!" and a cookie proclaims "Stüssy tribe!" pride. It's pretty awesome, we must admit.

From what we know, there will be at least six designs in total and will be available for purchase via Turntable Lab sometime in the near future.