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Chanel Quilted Sneakers

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Fresh out the Chanel boutique are these fly lookin' Chanel Quilted Sneakers that are worthy of being immortalized in a Drake song. Nails done, hair done, everything did? Well if she be wearing Chanel footwear, there ain't no doubt that she's fancy.

Made for the ladies but sick enough to be rocked by the fellas, these all-black (or all-green, it's your preference) mid-tops are dripping with unnecessary indulgence. Ooooh, they're so sweet. Ooooh, they're so sexy. The light bouncing off the patent leather makes the pair look like its been coated with onyx-colored buttercream frosting. Yummmm.

Chanel's classic quilted aesthetic runs heavy through the entire design, from the sides to the bottoms, thus confirming that, yes, these beauties are from the House of Chanel, and, yes, they are legit. The subtly stitched trademark of interlocking Cs on the tongue proves this much. Even the eyelets are engraved with the Chanel name. Such a minimalist approach to this urban streetwear design is a testament to Karl Lagerfeld's directional talent. If anyone ever said that wearing sneakers wasn't sophisticated, we'd beg to differ.

via: nitro:licious