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How Jonathan Ive got inspired to create the iOS 7 color sheme


In addition to a host of new features, Apple's upcoming iOS update, iOS 7, comes with a long over-due redesign of its user interface. While the layout and the paths will be the same, the update brings about a host of new icons, buttons, drop-downs, and toggles that look very new and different. And the same goes for its color scheme, which some have criticized as being too colorful and lively, especially following the more straight-forward iOS 6 design. While we may not know exactly where designer Jonathan Ive drew his inspiration, Max Wohllerber puts forth his guess on where it came from in this funny and tongue-in-cheek short video. Watching it will only take a few seconds and it's definitely worth it for some laughs. In all seriousness, iOS 7 is expected to release later this year.