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John Galliano Possibly Returning to Oscar de la Renta | Rumor


Can you feel the magic in the air, 'cause we do. The synergy between acclaimed designers John Galliano and Oscar de la Renta that produced the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection is rumored to transpire once again to the delight of fashion fiends everywhere.

In the words of Oscar de la Renta, “We all loved having John here in the studio and would like to find a way of having him here more often.” If this is a way of insinuating a more permanent role for Galliano in the design house, then we'll take it. After all, de la Renta is nearing the age of retirement (he's already 81)-- so who better to succeed his position than the talented John Galliano?

Hopefully the affect of Galliano's tumultuous past has tapered down enough to let bygones be bygones. The world is craving more creative excitement in the fashion industry which Galliano is more than qualified to provide.

With fingers crossed, we hope that this is not just a rumor, but the real deal.