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Preduce x SBTG - "Asphalt Surfers" Deck Series

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Preduce, the first Thai skateboarding company, will be releasing a collection of noteworthy skate decks, hardware, t-shirts, hats, and pants created in collaboration with Singaporean artist Mark "SBTG" Ong that will be titled "Asphalt Surfers".

SBTG's affinity to skulls is expressed in the decks' creative illustrations, each one depicting an individual story from the Preduce team. "Mr. Sabotage" shows a man smoking, "Ryan Sripeasatja" has a cowboy girl singing, "Geng Jakkarin" boasts a cheerleader, "Leo Anzevul" displays a waitress with concession goods, "Lert Saeri" touts glasses overflowing with beer, "Tao Kitpullap" reveals an avid card player, and "Kyle Brown" shows his background with a helpful nurse.

The art is meant to encompass a memory of each member's hometown and each one's life outside from skateboarding. The decks are the essence of the collection and there are seven of them in total. Loud, bright colorways are employed in the design, such as pink, orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow, and the iconic backwards number 3 is branded at the head of each board. As of now, all decks are available at Preduce stores, as well as on their online shop. The design of the apparel, on the other hand, has yet to be known until the official release party set for September 7th at Preduce's Siam Square store.