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SOULLAND x Democratique Socks

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Democratique Socks and the danish menswear brand Soulland have recently released their Autumn/Winter 2013 capsule collection on August 7th, for which they created a short, thirty-two second video (see below).

As expected from Democratique Socks, the making of the line was tedious and lengthy, with each piece undergoing twenty processes before reaching completion. If that doesn't reveal the brand's secret to high quality production, then we don't know what would.

The serendipitous collaboration of these excellently made socks and the understated aesthetic of the Soulland brand came about from a long-standing friendship between Brand Director Jacob Christiansen and Soulland's Founder and Designer Silas Adler. In Christiansen's own words, he recalls that "[Adler] asked for socks for his show in Copenhagen in February 2012 (then it was actually our first samples), and also for the pop-up store in Copenhagen and US import at the same time. Therefore, we talked about this idea and it made sense to work together on a small capsule sock collection." Hence, Adler provides the hand-drawn graphics while Christiansen provides the top-notch manufacturing.

With the first Autumn/Winter 2013 collection finished and ready for purchase, we're happy to announce that the two companies are also trying their luck with a Sping/Summer 2014 line as well. All collections are unisex and are available for purchase via Soulland stores.