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Vans OTW - Premier Episode of "OTW Minute" Series featuring Murs

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LA rapper Murs stars in the premier episode of "OTW Minute" hosted by OffTheWall.TV, where he starts the series off with a bang discussing his thoughts on the current state of rap. Produced by the Vans OTW Collection, the series works to peel back the layers behind the musicians, artists, and street figures that influence our culture and just so happen to own a pair or two of Vans (like the Alomar). As will be true in other episodes to come, Murs also dives in to give us his take on his up-bringing, career, inspirations, and future plans, including details on how he became the self-proclaimed "Lord of the Underground" in the independent hip-hop scene. From selling his own music as a young teenager to now a key figure in the hip-hop world, you can get up close and personal with Murs in the video after the click or head to the Vans site to learn more.