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designboom - Interview with Tinker Hatfield

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The man. The designer. The legend. The genius behind almost every of His Airness' sneakers and everyone else's favorite footwear, Tinker Hatfield is almost god-like to sneakerheads. The Nike designer is an elusive get, but designboom was able to snag an interview with the chef of the Swoosh's "innovation kitchen," or more formally, Nike's Vice President of Design and Special Projects. Covering topics from how he first got his start at Nike to where he draws his inspiration and even a few unique tid-bits behind the brand's inner workings, the conversation is well worth your time. If you've ever camped out on the sidewalk for a limited-edition, admired the visible Air unit, or dreamed you were Jordan once you laced up a pair, you can thank Mr. Hatfield. So, pull up a chair, sneakerheads, and head to designboom because it's story time.

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