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Pink + Dolphin - "The Heist" Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook | Video

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Pink Dolphin has released a lookbook video entitled “The Heist” to introduce its Fall 2013 collection with notable dramatic effect. The apparel features turtle-neck jackets, Japanese-inspired tanks, hats with lids boasting the phrase "Game Over" on the bottom, graphic-heavy shorts, camouflage-print pants, industrial boots, and accessories with bright and bold colorways that pop out during the film, thus making the culprits of the robbery easy to spot.

The artistic direction of the video lookbook is actually quite intriguing as it gives way to many opportunities to cleverly showcase the pieces. For example, the necessities of the heist are spread across a bed in one scene to show 1) what the players are preparing to execute the crime, and 2) how dope the clothes from Pink Dolphin’s Fall collection are. When the thieves approach the loot, it turns out to be gold jewelry from the brand’s line, encased in a clear glass box.

For such a young brand (it was founded in 2008 by Cena, Neima, and Young L--a rapper from the Bay Area rap trio, The Pack), the effort put into the promotional video is impressive and further gives weight the clothing line's motto to be "Legends At Our Craft". We especially liked how the city of Los Angeles, the place where Pink Dolphin's first flagship store is located, adds an extra measure of grit to the plot line.