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The Impossible Project App

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Could it possibly be true? Is the Impossible Project App finally available? Why, yes! It is!

As far as innovations go, the Impossible Project has garnered quite a buzz for its ability to bridge the gap between the analog and digital world. The much anticipated app is the missing link that will integrate this craziness into our daily lives. That's why we are more than thrilled to announce that the app is now available for iOS 6.0 (or later) and can be download via the Apple iTunes store for free. Yup, fo FREE.

So what exactly does the app do, you ask? Well, it works like this: Once the Instant Lab is released for purchase, the user merely places the iPhone onto the machine while the app is loaded, thus allowing the two devices to seamlessly interact with each other to transform any digital photo into a real analog instant pic. Pretty cool, huh? The process completely eliminates the need for a flatbed scanner, thus making such a task into an "anywhere, on-the-go" activity.

Did we mention that it takes just seconds to scan? In less time than it takes to nuke a bean burrito in your microwave, you can have a tangible, instant pic fresh in your hands. The Impossible Project App even links directly to a gallery on which you can comment and upload images straight from your iPhone. You can even order more film through the app! With so many features built into the program, you'll be asking yourself if there's anything that the team behind the Impossible Project App could have possibly forgotten. (And as of now, nothing really.)