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Audi - Shuttle Quattro Virtual Car for Ender's Game

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The film adaptation of the classic science fiction novel Ender’s Game is set to premier later this year and the marketing team behind it is wasting no time in generating a buzz. Of course, who better to outsource the creation of an otherworldly automobile than to the German automaker Audi? Choosing any other company to execute the job would not do Orson Scott Card’s imagination justice.

Below are pictures that have been released to the public of the lustrously designed Audi Shuttle Quattro virtual car that Ender gets to cruise around in (see 0:25 in the video clip below). Needless to say, it’s causing many to drool and ogle in sheer desire of manhandling its sexy silhouette.

The Audi design team developed this entirely virtual car to suit the futuristic environment of the science fiction film. At first glance, the Shuttle Quatro resembles the elegant shape of an extraterrestrial flying vehicle, but upon closer inspection, it reveals itself to be a machine built for traversing over land. Its subtle gray colorway, unobtrusive wheels that seem to blend into the body, and tinted glass rooftop make the car elusive to the naked eye while in movement—an advantageous trait to imbue in a mobile that aims to zoom past an alien-enemy’s radar.

If we could, we would run that beast all across the Eros asteroid, the Formics aliens be damned. One look at the Audi Shuttle Quattro's sick body and they’d know it’d be game over.

Via: DesignBoom