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BLACKBIRD - Summer 2013 Issue "Racing Blood"


The Hong Kong-based creatives over at Silly Thing have an interesting way to celebrate the third anniversary of their seasonal lifestyle publication, Obscura magazine: launching the debut issue of a brand new automotive journal. While the latest edition of their Obscura publication, which hit the newsstands last week, runs with a cover story on the classic Ultraman series with follow-ups on the art of miniature model-making and interviews with craftsmen around the world, Blackbird is purely a presentation of the intricate relationship between man and machine (and not just their love affair as objects of desire or as status symbols). The rag focuses on the mechanics, precision, and engineering of past and present that gives life to the automobile as a cultural icon. The first issues, which is available now online at Silly Thing's online store, focuses on the classic Porsche 911 and includes an interview with veteran F1 racing journalist Richard Kelley. Catch a preview after the jump and head to Silly Thing to add this gem to your reading list.