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DRx Romanelli x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT - Rolex Yachtmaster "Gold POPEYE"

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Following up on last year's Army vs. Navy project, Dr. Romanelli and BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT have joined forces once again, this time focusing on the maritime half of the previous collaborative effort. The resulting Popeye-themed Rolex Yachtmaster model drops the black titanium coating of its predecessor for striking 18-karat gold, complete with a white dial adorned with the famed cartoon sailor and subtle Dr. Romanelli branding. A nice finishing touch, Popeye's muscle-bound arms act as the piece's hour and minute hands. Contact BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT for purchase inquiries regarding the Dr. Romanelli "Popeye" Rolex Yachtmaster, which is limited to a quantity of just 10 units.