Kanye West Spent $2.4 Million on DARTZ Prombron Iron Diamond Armored SUVs


You have to give credits to both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Who else can stoke such an excitement even on the sleepy Punjab Newsline with a simple car purchase? Then again, this wasn't just any car but a DARTZ Armored Vehicle. Unnamed sources told U.K.'s The Daily Star recently that West dropped around $400,000 USD on a Mercedes-Benz G-Class based DARTZ Prombron Iron Diamond Armored SUV. However, to make it "even more resistant" to bullets, bombs, carjacks and kidnap attempts, West literally "made it rain" and tagged on an additional $800,000 USD in customization. For those keeping count, multiply your sub-total by two for "his and hers" versions to reach a grand total of $2.4 million. Certainly that is music to the Latvian-based DARTZ Motorz Company, who pride itself as the maker of world's tackiest road going vehicles. No word though if West added options like the fake whale penis leather upholstery or the hood ornament encrusted in black diamonds, though the newly minted father wants the vehicles ready for daughter and Kim K before he goes on tour this Fall.

via: The Daily Star//Jalopnik