Kitsuné - Music T-Shirt Collection for Fall/Winter 2013 | Available Now


French fashion label Kitsuné has always gravitated to the synergy between music and fashion (it's practically embedded within the brand's DNA). Since its conception in 2002, creators Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki and the London-based company Åbäke have envisioned a wardrobe that combines the two elements of culture together seamlessly. Hence, this Fall/Winter 2013 - 2014's Music T-Shirt collection is a testament to the apparel's shrewd understanding of how we link our clothes to the rhythm of the times.

With three designs to choose from, music fiends can purchase a colorful t-shirt and get access to one of three compilations released under the Kitsuné electronic music record label-- just check the unique code on the swing tag to download either “Kitsuné AMERICA 2”, “Kitsuné Parisien 3”, or “Kitsuné Maison 14”.

The sweet deal is a cool way of introducing people to new music, not to mention exposing the public to notable artwork: There's a design featuring the UK’s five piece Citizens!, a sketch of Kitsuné faces, and a distinctly urban drawing of “Kitsuné Parisien 3” made by night bird graffiti artist André. In a world run by mass-produced outfits and "Top 40" hits, Kitsuné's vogue concept has proved itself to be as cunning as a fox.