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UpWrite by UpDesk - The First Stand Up Desk With Whiteboard Top

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The simplest ideas usually make for the smartest inventions. Why not merge the spaciousness of a writing board with the functionality of a desk? The marriage of the two utilities is almost harmonious in the UpWrite by Updesk: the first stand-up desk with whiteboard top. We can't express how happy we are that UpDesk put this idea into fruition; it's just too cool for school.

Measuring in at a length of 30 inches, a width of 60 inches, and a height adjustability between 25.5 to 50.5 inches, the UpWrite Desk makes standing or sitting while you work a very doable option. If you want to change the height, just press a button. If you need to scribble something down, grab a dry erase marker and let your thoughts fly. You can even rig the workspace to your treadmill to incorporate some much needed exercise. After watching a grip of YouTube videos of user experience, we're convinced that this puppy will prove its worth in our everyday activities (plus, we can't deny the anticipated thrill of writing without boundaries). It's productivity for the win, big time.