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Skype Headquarters in Palo Alto By Design Blitz

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Contrary to what the above picture looks like, this is not a playground built for kids ages 20 years and up. Nope, the whimsical space you see before you is in fact the coolest work space everrrrr. Comprised of wide, open spaces, moveable furniture, big windows (that let in natural light), portable whiteboards, and a walloping dash of fun, this office is the headquarters of the ingenious voice communication software company Skype in Palo Alto. Aren't you jealous?

The design firm that is responsible for such awesomeness is the San Francisco-based architecture establishment Design Blitz. The team worked their magic on a vacant warehouse to turn it into a progressive space of creativity, complete with a central corridor, acoustic attenuating material, a board room, communal work spaces, individual work spaces, and enough "openness" to promote spontaneity and randomly awesome ideas.

Inspired by our 21st Century's commitment to sustainability, beauty, minimalism, balance, and achieving social harmony, Design Blitz has outdone itself (once again) with a building that not only allows employees to function at an optimal level, but also allows them to reflect on the richness of life with stunning artwork and gorgeous furniture.

Now if all offices looked like this, we'd actually look forward to going to work.

via: DesignBoom