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Microsoft - Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

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In the on-going search for ways to save our wrists from the hours we spend strapped to our desks each day, Microsoft has just released the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop package. Comprised of the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, Mouse, and Numberpad, this all-wireless bundle relies on a more ergonomic, natural shape to help keep your hands in more neutral position thanks to its gently sloped design. Microsoft has also integrated in a host of shortcuts into the keyboard along with a built-in cushioned palm rest while the mouse utilizes a tilting scroll wheel and a built-in Start screen shortcut button. If you aren't quite sold by the U-shaped design or by the amount of coddling your wrists would receive by the Ergonomic set, Microsoft is also putting forth the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and Comfort Mouse, which lacks the numberpad and uses a more conventional shape. Both the Ergonomic and the Comfort sets will release later this month for $130 and $80 (as sets) with individual pieces also available for sale. Learn more at the Microsoft online store and see more preview shots after the click.