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FEIT - Hand Sewn High + Low

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Australian brand FEIT can make some exceptional hand-sewn footwear, utilizing an old method and making the result pleasantly modern. Founded back in 2005, FEIT offers a wide range of footwear each year, but the number of each is understandably small. Take for instance these latest from the brand, the Hand Sewn High and Low; while they may look like normal leather shoes, these are truly something special. Both the High and the Low are built with leather that is strictly naturally tanned, free of chemicals, which helps to improve air circulation and comfort, which is a must for any sock-less shoe. Further inspection reveals raw stitching, the cut of the leather pieces, and the precise addition of a cork footbed. Each is available in several colorways - from black and light grey to navy and tan - and are all available now directly from the brand's online shop.