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Forbes - Highest Paid Electronic DJs for 2013

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So far, 2013 has proven itself to be a very lucrative eight months for the most wanted DJs in the industry. And when we say "lucrative", we mean straight-up BANK!.

The niche market of electronic DJing is the wave of the future, with music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles rolling in the dough like it's nobody's business. Feeling the need to shine a spotlight on this burgeoning industry, Forbes has released a list of the highest paid electronic DJs of 2013 (see the video below) featuring Calvin Harris as the lead bread winner with total earnings amounting to $46 million from tours, music production for artists like Rihanna, and nightly gigs that earn him a cool $200,000 per night at venues like Hakkasan in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who else made the list? Well, Tiësto has racked up $32 million (#2), David Guetta pulls in $30 million (#3), Swedish House Mafia made $25 million (#4), and Deadmau5 isn't doing too bad with a gross income of $21 million (#5). The success of electronic music is surreal and unprecedented, entering a whole other tax bracket that not even Jay Z can touch. All we have to say to that is: Damn, guys. Share the wealth!