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The Martin Jetpack

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Along with the flying car and meal in a pill, it's been the invention that has long-been the sign of us officially entering "the future" ever since the writers of the '60's first promised them to arrive by the 2000's. Now it seems the time has finally come with a New Zealand-based avionics company developing, testing, and now earning permission to start manned test flights of the Martin Jetpack. Yes, a Jetpack. Currently, the country's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has only limited piloted flights to 20 feet above ground or 25 feet above water - even though tests have shown the pack can go 5,000 feet - but the development is still a large one for mankind's desire to fly. Following continued tests under the watchful eye of an equally excited CAA, Martin is hopeful to further develop the Jetpack for use by the military and civilians alike, even if it is limited thanks to the $200k + price tag. See more of the Martin Jetpack after the click and watch more test flights on the brand's own site here.