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Grand Theft Auto Online - Official Gameplay Video

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Rockstar Games has unveiled the official gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto Online, and what the three-minute clip reveals is utter insanity -- and what looks to be a whole lot of fun. You'll rob banks and escape on parachutes when you're not playing tennis or dispatching helicopters with a rocket launcher. According to Rockstar, GTA Online is a standalone game, though it's set in the GTA 5 engine. The multiplayer mode launches with a character-select wheel through which you can assume the persona of the three main characters -- Michael, Trevor or Franklin -- as well as an unnamed fourth option. The features and geography of GTA 5 will be the starting point of the online game, but will "continue to expand and evolve after its launch." Check out what you can expect in the gameplay video below, and look for Grand Theft Auto Online to be available October 1st.