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Casio G-Shock x MEDICOM TOY - G-Shock Man BE@RBRICK 100%, 400% + 1000%

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As we see the celebration continue from Casio G-Shock for their 30th anniversary, here is an interesting collaboration created with MEDICOM TOY. Although there is no official word on these toys being part of the anniversary collection, these G-Shock Man BE@RBRICK figures will certainly arouse curiosity from G-Shock fans and BE@RBRICK collectors alike. The toys range from compact 100% to the much larger 400% and 1000% sizes, transforming the G-Shock Man on top of the BE@RBRICK silhouette. All of these items are scheduled to launch beginning Saturday, August 24 2013 at 12 noon Japan time. Pre-orders can be made from the project 1/6 online shop.