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Nike Area 72 Pitbull Sculpture by Vinti Andrews

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It's tough to chop up, tear apart, and unstitch some of the market's hottest sneakers, but that's why we leave it to the experts. The duo from Vinti Andrews, a creative collaboration between London's Vinti Tan and Paul Andrews, thankfully, are among the best, recreating a life-sized Pitbull created for this year's All-Star Weekend sneaker capsule know as "Area 72." The result is a life-sized dog sculpture constructed from snout to tail with pieces from the LeBron 10, Kobe 8, Barkely Posit Max, and many more kicks, all provided by their patrons over at Nike HQ. We've got some more views of this colorful Tim Burton-esque dog after the click as well as a few views of just how it came together so continue to scroll and let us know what you think of this Franken-pup .