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Poler x Stumptown Camp Coffee Kit

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Whether you're blazing new trails, roughing it with your buddies, or camping out under the stars miles away from home with your family, you still need a steamy cup of joe to get the engine running in the morning. Now, thanks to Poler x Stumptown's Camp Coffee Kit, you'll never have to do without. Comprised of an AuroPress coffee press with filters, two white, co-branded enamel coffee mugs, a Porlex Burr coffee grinder, and a 12-ounce bag of Holler Mountain coffee beans to get you started, this is the complete set to bring a luxury of home that we all shouldn't do without with you out on the dusty trail. The entire set comes within a custom, durable nylon bag also with a co-branded logo and can be found now via Stumptown Coffee's online shop.