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A BATHING APE - Swarovski Collection

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There's no shame in having an iced-out wardrobe. Rap stars frost themselves to a ridiculous extent all the time (see Yung Berg's Transformers encrusted chain and Gucci Mane's sparkly Bart Simpson pendant for examples).

Adding another level of opulence to our urban attire with an equally cool illustrated character is another collaboration between A BATHING APE and Swarovski. The duo has just released a series of tops embellished with Swarovski's luxury cut crystals in fun colorways that is more subtle than a glitzy necklace but equally as fresh. Following the success of previous projects, such as the limited edition BLACK SENSE MARKET item and the special order t-shirt of April 2012, A BATHING APE and Swarovski have collaborated on a collection that features black and white t-shirts, long-sleeved button-ups, and well tailored polos graced with the signature ape in crystallized form.

While the majority of the models simply exhibit a jazzy ape in brown crystals (as seen in the Cut and Sewn mook) the t-shirts rocking the colored heads in purple, blue, and green also display the words "A Bathing Ape Since 1993" on the back. All versions are available via the ZOZOTOWN online shop.