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Arc'teryx Veilance - Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook | Video

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In an age where most fashion lookbooks are pumped with youthful riffs to evoke a fun and adventurous spirit, the Arc'teryx Veilance Fall 2013 collection video takes a hard left against that direction and chooses to present its well-tailored pieces on a ghoulish model as he walks in place, surrounded by hallow chamber sounds that reflect the wardrobe's intensity. Hearing the creepy sounds evokes that tingly feeling you get when you're out in the woods by yourself. It's foreboding and makes you feel like that vampire guy Edward from Twilight might jump out from no where and bite you. (Wait, Edward's the bad vampire, right? Whatever. You get it-- the lookbook is scary stuff.)

But it's an appropriate concept, nonetheless, given that the season is fall and that is the time when things get a little dark and mysterious. Arc'teryx Veilance's collection is thus filled with a color spectrum of gray, olive green, dusty dark purple, and black pieces fashioned into pants, turtleneck jackets, hooded coats, mixed textile blazers, and even gloves. The tailoring is sharp and on point, thus continuing the brand's commitment to do away with superfluities and reinforce the garment's shape.

And although the creative concept is a tad ominous, the video does do the wardrobe justice in a bizarre way. By filming the model at different angles and implementing a frame swipe every two to three seconds, the viewer gets to see each piece displayed from a new perspective, never mind the fact that you feel like you're watching a predator as he approaches his prey.