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"Dark As Night" BATMAN-Inspired Motorcycle Helmet

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With extensive know-how in plastic molding, the creative team from Helmet Dawg was able to put together an impressive BATMAN-inspired motorcycle helmet. Billed as "Dark As Night," the black -on-black design features a GMax GM48S Platinum Series full-face motorcycle helmet as its base. Then through a long customization process, designers added the pointed ears and browline accents (all made with impact-resistant plastics). Several coats of black automotive paint as well as a clear coat finish ensure the jet black appearance. While the additions are not DOT approved, the base GMax GM48S helmet still is, making the "Dark As Night" BATMAN-Inspired Motorcycle Helmet eye-catching and yet fully functional at the same time. To purchase your very own, head to Helmet Dawg's online store for ordering details.

via: DesignTaxi