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Sneakerpedia - A Chat with Dave White

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Artist (and friend) Dave White may be billed as the Warhol of his generation by Art Daily and as a reincarnation of Jackson Pollock by The Londonist, but in his heart, he is just a cold-stupid-on-a-serious-tip sneakerhead from Liverpool, England. Having gained notable acclaim from his sneaker series in 2002 which pioneered the movement known as "sneaker art", White has literally left his mark on the production of fly kicks. Just browsing through White's Sneakerpedia crate is a testament to his artistic brilliance. The man's mind exudes freshness and the sneaker is his enviable canvas.

As a treat to us mere mortals, this pop culture icon has engaged in an insightful chat about his vintage classics and exclusive one-off sneakers that belong to his digital archive at Sneakerpedia. Additionally, White talks of his current influence in creating his "Natural Selection" series, his fixation on a pair of expensive Nike shoes, and his devotion to beautifully designed pieces such as the Coke bottle and the B51 Mustang.

"It's like they're all designed to do something. They're all designed for performance. They're all designed to be used for sport, and they are all just incredibly beautiful things to look at. It wouldn't matter if they were five dollars or a million dollars-- you know? My love for specific models would never change," expresses White with giddy enthusiasm.

But the love of well designed sneakers-- that transcends all. "It's kind of like when you pass a biker and you get that nod-- sneakers are the same kind of thing. It's one of the only things in life when a complete stranger will come up to you and go, 'Nice,'" White says with a smirk on his face.

Yea, we feel ya, homie. Sneaker love is a vivrant thang.