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Black Dave - "Take It Back" Video

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After the announcement of his latest mixtape, "Black Bart",  Black Dave hits us with his first video from it titled "Take It Back". The video pays homage to the 1995 culturally moving flick "Kids"  and features Leo Fitzpatrick and Pete Bici, both of whom played Telly and one of the movie's other skater kids, respectively. Instead of reprising their roles as rebellious adolescents they portray law enforcers, passing the torch to a new generation of New York skaters.

"With this video, I just wanted to share the day in the life of myself, and New York City skateboarding. Bringing the viewer into my world, but making sure to pay homage to the New York City skateboard culture. Teaming up with director Jason Ano, and having Peter Bici and Leo Fitzpatrick who were actors in the original film KIDS that had a profound effect on my life and many other kids, and I just wanted to recapture that story and share it."

Peep the video below and be on the lookout for Black Dave's "Black Bart" Mixtape which drops September 17.