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Anna Kendrick for GQ September 2013 Issue

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Gracing the pages of GQ's September 2013 issue is the talented Anna Kendrick, who is best known for playing the control freak Natalie Keener in 2009’s Up in the Air and the singing starlet Beca Mitchell in last year’s Pitch Perfect.

Photographed by Marc Hom, Hendrick is captured rocking freshly dyed, strawberry blonde hair and exposing more than usual in a pair of high-waisted shorts. Her signature, pensive look that she has cultivated onscreen reprises itself once again here. Yes, the woman may embody the silhouette of a lithe fairy, but she is very much a force of nature best likened to thunder and lightning, striking amazement and awe in all that see her in action.

Her latest film, Drinking Buddies, which was released this past Friday, August 23rd, is a work of comedic relief involving relationships and beer—which we see as topics that go hand in hand. Her thoughts? “If sex is off the table, I would recommend drinking. That was probably not good advice, but I hope that you take it seriously anyway,” Hendrick slyly says in the accompanying video entitled "How to Date Me".

In a list of women that includes Aubrey Plaza, Beyoncé Knowles, Elisabeth Moss, Kate Upton, and Megan Fox as GQ’s Women of 2013, Kendrick’s presence is one we can drink to. Cheers to that.