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Canon Powershot N - Facebook Ready Digital Camera

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The buzz has only continued to grow around the Canon Powershot N Digital Camera since we first previewed it back in July, offering a solution to all of those fuzzy, low-quality pictures that dominate our Facebook albums. Literally created to have a direct connection to the social media site via a dedicated Facebook connect button, the photos you take on the Powershot N will directly upload to your personal account to share via its built-in WiFi capability. And, if that wasn't enough, you can then follow-up and add captions and comment on the photos and videos after they've posted to help you share even more with friends and family. Inside the 2.8-inch LCD touch and flip-screen enabled housing, there lies a DIGIC 5 Image Processor and a 12.1 MPx High Sensitvity CMOS sensor that works through the 28mm wide angle lens with 8x opitical zoom. You also have the option to track subjects in real time through a touch-screen controlled shutter and record in Full HD. Expected to release this September, you can purchase the Powershot N (in only one color) for $299 a pop. Feel free to learn more on its own dedicated Canon site.