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Bigshot Camera - DIY Digital Camera

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Introducing the world of photography to anyone let alone kids can seem like a pretty intimidating affair, which is why Shree Nayer decided to do something about it. A professor of computer science at Columbia University, the Bigshot DIY Digital Camera Kit is a low-cost camera set made to teach kids (and big kids) the behind-the-scenes technology behind these gadgets in an easy-to-understand, hands-on way. Made entirely from 3D-printed parts, the DIY SLR helps to introduce kids to concepts and skills that they normally wouldn't encounter until college, introducing them to electronics, optics, mechanics, display technology, and image processing as they go. When they're done, kids can then snap 3MP regular, panoramic, or 3D shots, which can also be powered by a hand crank when the rechargeable battery runs out, and share photos through the built-in USB port. Learn more about the project and how to buy one  (only $89 clams) for the whiz kid in your life directly from the Bigshot site.