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MeCam - Hands-Free Wearable Video Camera

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Maybe you have a bad memory. Or a knack for forgetting names as soon as you walk away from a conversation. Perhaps you've always wanted to tap into your inner James Bond. Whatever the reason, MeCam is a great way to make sure you never leave a situation feeling like you're going to leave something behind. MeCam is a wearable video camera that allows you to capture life as it's happening, built as a lightweight device that looks more like a button than the latest in video technology. In addition to coming in a variety of colors, the MeCam has buttons on the side of the device so you can start snapping pictures or recording video within seconds and without too much fuss. The MeCam shoots at 720p HD video and 5.0 megapixel stills with built-in LED infrared light so you can still continue recording in a darkened room - but we won't go there. The MeCam can shoot up to 1 hour of footage on its stock 4GB microSD card and up to 4 hours on an optional 16GB card and has a mic powerful enough to pick up sound within 10 feet. Whatever your motive, the MeCam is available now via the brand's online shop for $50