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Amazon x MEDICOM TOY - BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

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Something bear-y cute has entered the market and its name is BE@RBRICK! First introduced on May 21st, 2001 as a free gift to visitors of the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo, the descendent toy of MEDICOM's Kubrick design has taken on a myriad of styles and personalities ranging from celebrity fashion designers to Kill Bill movie characters to the faces of DC Comics superheroes. This time, however, the collectible bear is outfitted with parcel embellishments in a bizarrely adorable way that just works.

Imprinted with the characteristics of the juggernaut online retailer's familiar boxed packages, the anthropomorphized body parts boast stars in place of eyes, an "" tattoo on the back of its head, a bar code on its upper right chest, arrows across its side indicating the proper opening side, and even the iconic smirk-like arrow stamped on its butt.

The BE@RBRICK is available in two versions (100% measuring at 7 centimeters high and 400% measuring at 28 centimeters) and has been available online since August 24th.