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Deus ex Machina - Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

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Somewhere out there is a rider's heaven, with countless miles of open road under a blue sky that stretches beyond the horizon. Such is a passage you will find in the Bible for Deus ex Machina, or translated from Latin as "God from the Machines." Hailed from the outbacks of Australia, the bike builder turned apparel label/retailer has add a new vignette to motorcycle lifestyle scene, one with luxurious appointments, soft palettes, and easy to wear silhouettes. While there are still days of hard riding ahead for most of us. Machina's new collection Fall/Winter 2013 reminds us to enjoy the scenery rushing by. Featuring worsted wool knitwear, rugged workwear, dark washed denim, and hearty accessories, the Deus ex Machina Fall/Winter 2013 Collection will be available in the coming months through its retail locations in Australia, Indonesia, Italy, and the US.

Images via: Glltn