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Infiniti Q30 Concept | Preview

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Yes, it is only one image, but we're going to savor every morsel of it… After a thoroughly painful (and confusing) period to "rename" every one of its models, Nissan's Infiniti luxury division unveiled its Q30 Concept earlier today. Bound for an official debut on September 10th at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the concept is radically different from many of its predecessors. Led by Alfonso Albaisa, Executive Design Director of Infiniti, the Q30 design team purposely strived for ambiguity in the vehicle's categorization. So it isn't a hot hatch, a crossover, even a coupe, but instead a unique silhouette that retains the best design aspects of all three with more space than a hatchback, high ground clearance than a crossover, and outshines a coupe's sporty appeal. Dynamic in both design and marketing, the Infiniti Q30 Concept will be on view at Hall 5 of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10th, 10:15 CET.