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Volkswagen - "Knitted" 2013 Beetle Convertible

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We all have our hobbies; some play golf, some paint, and others play sports. Marthe Schwarz, well, she knitted a cover for the 2013 VW Beetle Convertible. Her hard work - as qwerky as it is - did win her the "Most Beautiful Beach Beetle of the Year" award at the ninth annual VW Sunshine Tour, the largest private gathering of all things Beetle, from among a record 414 other bugs at the show. Her Herculean effort took 7 months to make and resulted in about 88 pounds of colorful, knitted wool, and that's not including the matching beard she made for her husband, Magnus, who she - shockingly - met at a previous Sunshine Tour. Along with this creative model, VW also premiered their new iBeetle and also brought along their R GmbH and limited-edition Beetle GSR. So, after seeing Marthe's work, it begs the question: what have you done for your car lately?

via: autoblog