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AGENDA Show LV: ALIFE - Spring 2014 Collection Preview

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No one is more excited than us at to announce that the iconic NYC streetwear brand, ALIFE, will be back with a full collection for the Spring 2014 season. Although not much has been said about what to expect, we do know that there will be a couple of athletically inspired jersey tops rocking the name "ALIFE" across the back, a quilted gray sweater, a black baseball cap with the words "ALIFE New York Crack" on the front panel, and a zip-up hoodie covered with the image of diamonds everywhere.

Founded in 1999, ALIFE has been at the center of New York City's street culture. As a brand, it has been known for its curatorial work, creative direction, and production of editorial content for various publications, art shows, and live music events. Since its inception, it has been known for keeping its finger on the pulse of hip hop culture, especially in regards to the latest kicks on the market. Its legendary shop known as the "ALIFE Rivington Club" has been lauded as the world's premiere sneaker boutique.

Hence, after seeing the brand at the Las Vegas Agenda Show this past week, it's a pleasure to report that ALIFE will starting production on its apparel line once again. Thank goodness, too, because we missed you guys.