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One sign of a quality gentleman is the ability to always be on time. And if you want to have the utmost confidence in doing so - down to 10 microseconds - the URWERK EMC Watch should be strapped to your wrist. The EMC is the latest project from the luxury watchmaker's U-Research Division, which seeks to build watches with exceptional accuracy and style, but with an unconventional nature. The call it a "mechanical smart watch," as it has the ability to verify its own precision via an electronic mechanism that tells you just how accurate it is and if its timing needs to be adjusted via an integrated calculator that compares the watch's oscillations to a highly precise 16,000,000 Hz electronic reference oscillator to determine any difference. Once set, the EMC uses a number of features to maintain accuracy in addition to the hand-turned, 80-hour power reserve. What he see here is an incredible working concept that is expected to release in the coming months with an equally impressive price tag at URWERK retailers.