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Nintendo 2DS

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Nintendo has just announced the launch of the 2DS today - and no, that is not a typo. The 2DS is the gaming brand's newest handheld system that features a tablet-like design instead of the more commonly seen clamshell that shaped the DS and the 3DS models. Although it does not include the ability to play games in 3D, the 2DS is still fully compatible with all of the 3DS and DS games while also including other functionality of the 3DS, like WiFi, local multiplayer, and a sleep button. The 2DS will launch in the U.S., Europe, and Australia beginning October 12 in red and blue models, packaged with a 4GB SD card and two cameras on the back side. Although there is a loss in 3D functionality and a reduction in sound (from stereo to mono), don't take this as a sign Nintendo is giving up on 3D; instead, the brand is openly acknowledging this is more to target younger consumers (under 7) who don't expect the level of display detail bigger kids do. Learn more ahead of its launch at the official 2DS site.

Release Date:  October 12, 2013 (Saturday)