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Realtree x Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike

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Now that we've reached peak oil, it's only matter of time before the world exhausts its fossil fuel supply and civilization as we know it collapses in upon itself. To get around the ruins in this dystopian-future hellscape, you'll want to get your hands on this Realtree x Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike (it's good for pre-end times hunting and fishing trips as well), featuring disc brakes and rugged 3.8-inch tires that are able to run on low pressure. The frame is fully finished in Realtree camo, while the rims, handlebar and crank are finished in no-glare anodized black. Finally, various attachment points and cages allow for the stowing of fishing rods, rifles and other gear. Check out the bike in action in the video below.