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JetSurf - Gas-Powered Surfboard

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Mother Nature not holding up her side of the bargin? No problem! JetSurf has got your back, giving you surfers something to do on those lame days when there aren't any waves and those land-lovers a way to go surfing even on local lakes. Coming in three models, each weighing about 30 pounds and capable of a 35mph top speed, the JetSurf is a great way for those wanting to try a new watersport or get a new adrenaline rush with no special permits required. Models begin with the Ultra Sport with a 86cc two stroke engine, the mid-range 100cc Factory, and the 100cc Pro Race model developed for power with a race-optimized carburetor. You'll have to contact Jet Surf directly for more information and to purchase, but you can be sure you'll be the first on the block with this new toy.