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Red Bull - Drift Challenge Pits Lexus SC Against Toyota Supra

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Japan may have a claim to fame with the movie Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but when it comes to hairpin twists worth your car's maximum torque capacity, the the Land of the Rising Sun has nothing on the roads along China's Tianmenshan Mountain Range.

Battling for the title of 'Drift King of Tianmenshan Mountain', two contenders raced through China's twists earlier this month in an epic, Red Bull-sponsored challenge that grazed 99 corners and reached speeds of 105.7 miles per hour.

It was Red Bull China versus Team Orange Japan, with Hong Kong driver James Tang in a Lexus SC representing the former and Italian Federico Sceriffo in a Toyota Supra holding down the latter. The ultimate victor of the race turned out to be Federico Sceriffo with a score of 96.5 out of 100. The videos below capture the event in all its scenic glory, as well as winner Sceriffo shouting out, "I got 99 problems but the bitch ain't one. Hit me." (Haha. Just playin'.)